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Riipay - 3 instalments at 0% interest!

Premiumvibes has integrated with Riipay, a flexible payment option that turns any purchase into smaller payment. Choose Riipay during checkout at our website for instalment payment. You only pay 1/3 of total price today and we will proceed to ship out your order.

3 Easy Payments

Pay for your purchase in three zero-interest installments (due every month).

Debit / Credit Card

Link with either debit or credit card to use.

No Interest, No Catch

Always zero interest, no additional fees when you pay on time.

  • Debit card maximum spending limit - RM 1000
  • Credit card maximum spending limit - RM 1500
  • Ensure your card has more than 4 months left before the expiry date during checkout

Here are the frequently asked questions answered by Riipay

1. How does Riipay work?            

Riipay is a smart budgeting tool that enables customers to pay for their purchase in 3 monthly payments at 0% interest.

When will my first payment be taken?

When you make a purchase through Riipay, you will be required to make your first payment (1/3 of the price) upfront.

How do I pay for the next instalments?

Riipay provides an auto debit payments which means your instalment will be taken automatically from your preferred card on the due date. You just need to make sure there is sufficient fund in your account.

2. How do I get started with Riipay?        

You don't need to register prior to making your first purchase with Riipay.

Simply select Riipay as your payment method during checkout. You just need to checkout with simples details as usual to complete your purchase.

Once your order is approved, your Riipay account is created.

3. Which bank cards does Riipay accept?               

We accept both debit and credit cards from all banks issued in Malaysia.

We don't accept prepaid cards or foreign issued cards.

4. Can I pay early?            

Yes! You may choose to pay early for either one or two instalments.

Whatsapp or email to contact@riipay.my to arrange an early settlement.

Good payment behaviour such as early payment will help in increasing your spending limit!

5. What happen if I miss a payment?      

We want you to spend responsibly with Riipay. If you miss a payment, we will try and collect it again within the grace period of 5 days.

If your payment is still outstanding after the grace period, you'll be charged a late fee, which we are reluctant to do. We will also pause your account and you won't be able to buy anything else with us until your payments are up to date.

Subsequently, you may notice your spending limit decreases too, this is because our system takes into account a range of different factors, including late payments, in deciding your spending limit.

If you have difficulty paying on time, please reach out to us as soon as possible so we can work out a solution to get you back on track.

6. How to increase my spending limit?    

Our system takes into account a range of different factors in deciding your spending limit,

- Repayment behaviour (late/early payments)

- Spending frequency

- Average spending

Typically, the longer you've been using Riipay and have made payments on time, the more likely the spending limit will increase!

Besides that, you may also get notified for exclusive offers, discounts, and product launches.

7. Will Riipay affect my credit score?        

At Riipay, our aim is to helpy you spend smartly and have greater control over your budget. We don't believe preventing people from using Riipay because they may have had an old debt before. Tha'ts why we never do any credit checks on our customers.

Although credit checks are not performed upon purchase, negative activities (abuse/misuse/fraud) on your account may be reported to credit reporting agency.

8. Difficulty paying on time?        

We understand that there are some things in life that are out of our control. Some common situations such as changes in income or employment status may affect customers ability to pay for Riipay instalments.

Riipay is committed to helping customers who are experiecing financial difficulties and we are able to customise solutions based on each individual's unique circumstances. We will get you back on track through some of the solutions such as scheduling a new payment date, waiving any extra fees or breaking down into smaller payments.

So first step is to make sure you reach out to us contact@riipay.my and together we will come up with a plan.

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